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发表论文:周昆同学论文被 ECML-PKDD 2023 录用

MASTER: Multi-Task Pre-Trained Bottlenecked Masked Autoencoders Are Better Dense Retrievers

发表论文:郑博文同学论文被 RecSys 2023 录用

Reciprocal Sequential Recommendation

发表论文:孙文奇同学论文被 RecSys 2023 录用

Generative Next-Basket Recommendation

发表论文:赵鑫老师论文被 KDD 2023 录用

JiuZhang 2.0: A Unified Chinese Pre-trained Language Model for Multi-task Mathematical Problem Solving

发表论文:王晓磊同学论文被 KDD 2023 录用

Improving Conversational Recommendation Systems via Counterfactual Data Simulation

发表论文:高泽峰老师论文被 ACL 2023 录用

Small Pre-trained Language Models Can be Fine-tuned as Large Models via Over-Parameterization

发表论文:任瑞阳同学论文被 ACL 2023 录用

TOME: A Two-stage Approach for Model-based Retrieval

发表论文:都一凡同学论文被 ACL 2023 录用

Zero-shot Visual Question Answering with Language Model Feedback

发表论文:李军毅同学论文被 ACL 2023 录用

The Web Can Be Your Oyster for Improving Language Models

发表论文:唐天一同学论文被 ACL 2023 录用

MVP: Multi-task Supervised Pre-training for Natural Language Generation

Learning to Imagine: Visually-Augmented Natural Language Generation

发表论文:李依凡同学论文被 IJCAI 2023 录用

Diffusion Models for Non-autoregressive Text Generation: A Survey

发表论文:田震同学论文被 SIGIR 2023 录用

EulerNet: Adaptive Feature Interaction Learning via Euler's Formula for CTR Prediction

发表论文:徐澜玲同学论文被 SIGIR 2023 录用

Towards a More User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Benchmark Library for Recommender Systems

发表论文:侯宇蓬同学论文被 WWW 2023 录用

Learning Vector-Quantized Item Representaction for Transferable Sequential Recommenders

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